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Arsene Wenger gave his penultimate pre-match press conference as Arsenal boss on Tuesday morning ahead of the Gunners’ clash at Leicester on Wednesday night.

Here are major points from Wenger’s media briefing as reported by the Mirror Sport…


Team news
“We have four players that are out. Cazorla, Koscielny, Ozil and Elneny.
“We have checked everybody today. We may leave one or two out tomorrow because we play again on Sunday.
“Some of them played in Madrid and on Sunday.”


Koscielny out till December
“Koscielny is devastated. He has had surgery and is out for six months. You will not see him until December at best.
“He will miss the World Cup.
“You always try to be positive. Try and support people when they suffer.”
Wenger also confirms Cazorla will not play either tomorrow or Sunday.


Latest on Wilshere
“It looks positive for the club.
“I am not involved in negotiations. But I’m still in touch with Jack if he wants my advice.
“I am convinced, like I was always, that his future is here.
“It was always my wish and I think it will happen, yes.”


Has Ozil any chance of playing tomorrow?
“He could maybe play against Huddersfield.
“He was in yesterday for treatment and still has a back problem.
“It was giving him problems in Madrid.
“It’s unlikely he will play again because he will not train.
“Football players are not like that [accusations of picking and choosing games]. It looks like that sometimes if a player goes over the pain for one game and then there is a recurrence.
“He wanted to play on Sunday. It was a game that was enjoyable to play in. But he is injured.”


On the new boss
“All these guys [Enrique, Allegri] are very competent.
“As an Arsenal fan I will support the man to do it.
“I don’t want to come out publicly on that. If they want my advice, I will give it to them.”


Have you had offers yet?
“Yes! More than I expected.
“But I’m not analysing or considering anything. I want to work well here until the last day of my contract.
“For sure I will be active. My brain demands work and is active.
“I have huge experience in management. Overall, I will work.
“What will I do? I don’t know.”


On Cazorla
“It’s a shame.
“I brought him here and I love the player and the person.
“He’s physically working very hard but medically it is too much of a risk to rush him back.
“He has worked for such a long time, it would be stupid to destroy it in one game.”


Does Wenger see himself managing another English team?
“At the moment, that is difficult for me. I don’t envisage that.
“I would like to finish one of my last press conferences to thank David Dein who brought me here.
“He had a special vision for the future and the Premier League. He gave a foreign manager a chance when no-one knew me.
“He deserves special thanks because he is a special man.”


“The team doesn’t need much additions”
“The squad doesn’t need much. There is huge potential in there and good spirit.
“There’s a good basis. We need two or three additions and this team will compete for the title next season.
“We don’t need massive spending. You are seeing defenders go for £70million.
“It is difficult to know what is a lot.”


Does Wenger see himself as a father figure?
“You are here to guide the players to get their best.
“Some of the players, like Jack Wilshere, I have known him since he was 15.
“You see them going from kids to men. You help them go through very difficult situations.
“Jack has gone from being a superstar to being out for a year. At that age, it is very difficult and they need help.”

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