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Arsena boss, Arsene Wenger will be stepping down at the end of the season.

The Gunners boss announced on Friday morning that this will be his last season at the Emirates after 22 years as the Gunners coach.

However after Arsenal beat West Ham 4-1 on Sunday afternoon, the Gunners boss didn’t dismiss the prospect of joining another EPL club; though he admitted it would be difficult, considering his emotional attachment to Arsenal.


Here is the full script of Arsene Wenger’s post-match interview with Sky Sports via the Mirror sport.

Arsene Wenger on Arsenal’s win over West Ham
“I told the players at half-time if we keep discipline we will find space. That’s what we did in the first half. At 1-1 it was bit of a test but once we scored the second they collapsed a bit.”

On fans signing his name inside the Emirates
“I am happy when the fans are happy, I’m willing to suffer to make them happy.
“Every decision I’ve made in 22 years has been for the good of Arsenal. I believe I will leave a club which is in a very strong position.”

On whether he’ll help pick the next Arsenal boss
“No. I always feel that the most important thing in a club is every who does the job. My job is take care of the results, the finances, the transfers – that’s what I did.”

On why he decided to stand down now
“I made a statement. It’s not the moment to come out on that. I will speak about that a bit later in my life.

On what he is feeling right now
“It’s mixed feelings. I must say I’m touched by all the praise I got from English football, I’m grateful. It’s special.”

On managing another English club
“If you speak about emotions. For me that would be emotionally difficult. At the minute, I’m too attached to this club to go anywhere else.”

On whether he feels a weight has been lifted
“No, because I was not tired. But I believe this club is respected all over the world, much more than in England. Our fans did not give the page of unity at the club I want, that was hurtful.
“The image we gave at the club was not what I want.”

On how Arsenal are now being perceived
“This club has a fantastic image.
“Sport is about winning and losing, but it’s about something bigger. For me, that is always a worry how the club is perceived worldwide.”

On whether he feels upset about how he’s been treated
“No, not me. I’m not resentful. I do not want to make stupid headlines. I just feel if my personality is in the way of what the club is.

That’s what I want to say. It’s not about the fans. I travel a lot, this club is respected around the world. I want that to go on and be respected.
He added: “I don’t need to die anymore… apart from a little sense of humour I would like to thank everybody who has been a bit nice to me.
“I certainly got more praise than I deserved. And maybe more criticism.”

On his and Arsenal’s future beyond next season
“The club needs to prepare the future and the earlier all is settled the better it is.
“It’s new for me. With Ferguson it was different. He’s still at the club.
“He stayed at Manchester United… honestly I cannot tell you much more, I don’t want you to come back to me in six months and say ‘you lied to us’. I know I did that a few times.”


Meanwhile, Nacho Monreal opened the scoring for the Gunners against the Hammers before the home side were pegged back by the in-form Marko Arnautovic. Aaron Ramsey restored Arsenal’s advantage in the second half before Alexandre Lacazette got his brace to wrap things up.

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