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Marcus Rashford could be set for a spell as Manchester United’s centre-forward after injuries to Romelu Lukaku and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The youngster replaced Lukaku – who suffered a blow to the head – early on in Saturday’s goalless draw at home to Southampton, but was anonymous as United were held to a goalless draw. With Lukaku now likely out for a couple of matches, and Jose Mourinho confirming after the Southampton game that Ibrahimovic faces a month out with a knee problem, attention has turned to Rashford.

And speaking on Match of the Day, Alan Shearer spoke about what Rashford needs to do to improve as a striker.

“He’s an outstanding talent with great potential, but I’ve got sympathy with him because he’s got to learn the hard way in the centre-forward role,” he said.

“He’s had to play left, he’s had to play right, down the middle, coming off and on as a substitute and it is difficult that way, but his movement has to be a little bit better.”

Shearer then took to analysing Rashford’s game, and the movements he was making up against the Saints defence.

“You have to take a step forward there to go back or step back to go forward; that’s what you have to do,” he continued.

“(But there’s) no movement at all again. And this is not a criticism of him at all, I’m only giving him a little bit of advice that I hope he can take on because you have to be prepared to gamble in the box.

“When these balls are coming into the box, you’ve got to gamble and you’ve got to be a split second quicker than the defender, but by the time he realises, he’s a split second too late.

“As I said, I have got sympathy for him and I do think he will be a very, very good player. But he has to learn quickly.”

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