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Jamie Carragher branded the Premier League as a ‘joke’ and thinks it may soon loose its followers after a miserable first half performance from Newcastle in their 1-0 defeat to Manchester City and believes the lack of competition is ‘becoming an embarrassment’.
Carragher thinks the Premier League is losing its charm as weaker teams accept defeat against the division’s big boys even before a ball is kicked.

Same was evident on Wednesday as Newcastle barely kicked into gear during the first half of their 1-0 home defeat to Manchester City.

‘It is becoming an embarrassment – the Premier League, it’s a joke’ Carragher told Sky Sports.

‘The teams at the top are so far ahead that the teams at the bottom are accepting they’re going to lose the game and long as its by one or two, they’re not going to give it a go.

‘It’s not just Rafa Benitez and Newcastle but there has to be some aggression and then some sort of plan to go forward. But at home it’s a sad state of affairs.

‘The Premier League over the years has been built on every team having a go. That’s why everyone around the world wants to watch it.

‘Will they continue watching it? It’s a sad state of affairs for the Premier League.’

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