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Chelsea’s longest-serving player is eyeing an escape route from Stamford Bridge after not playing a single game in his seven-year Blues stint.
The mirror reports that Goalkeeper Matej Delac has been plagued by work permit issues since landing in west London as an 18-year-old and has spent virtually his whole Chelsea tenure on loan.

He has never been registered in the Premier League and believes now is the right time to look elsewhere.

“Yes, soon will come a time I’ll have to leave Chelsea. Many people ask me do I regret coming to Chelsea so young, and not joining some smaller club, but I feel no regret,” the Croat explained to SportSport.

“Your career can always be better, but I am 25 and have been through so much, met many coaches, players, gained experience.

“The problem was not my quality, Chelsea believed in me, extended my contract several times, but the problem was always work permit.”

“Chelsea had a plan for my career, but you can not plan some things. As I arrived, aged 18, it seemed like some movie, I can’t describe that feeling,” he added.

“I will remember the greatness of Chelsea FC, they raised me and taught me human and football manners. And of course my first game, in Ljubljana vs Olimpija, when I played with Fabregas, Costa.

“Conte is great worker, professional, even when Chelsea is not doing well, I know it is just a phase and Conte will find a way out.”

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