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Mauricio Pochettino has suggested he could leave Tottenham if the club continue to operate on a tight budget.

Spurs finished third in the league after an entertaining 5-4 beating of Leicester on Sunday; but Pochettinho want Spurs to start challenging for the top prizes.

“We need to talk this week to create the new project.” said Pochettino. “We need to talk about what we need to do together again to try to improve.

‘We cannot think we are the cleverest people in the world winning trophies on small money.

“That’s a bit up to Daniel (Spurs Chairman) and the club. After four years we need to assess that period and try to win big, big trophies. We need to review things. It will be so important to create again and create a different idea to move on and to be closer to win titles.

“Our fans need to know what we are doing and feel the reality. We need to tell the truth and create an expectation you can achieve. You cannot create dreams that we cannot achieve.

“I think Daniel (Levy) is going to listen, of course. You know me, I have crazy ideas. You need to be brave. In this situation you need to be brave and take risks.
“It is the moment the club need to take risks.
“We need to work harder than the previous season to be competitive again.

Today the Premier League is a tough competition, you can see not only the big clubs but the clubs behind us – West Ham, Leicester, Everton – are working so hard to be close to the top six clubs. I’m sure Daniel will listen to me and we will create together.”

Asked what will happen if Levy does not “take risks”, Pochettino added: “I don’t say. Maybe I’m talking too much. Maybe I should breathe.

“Don’t take this in negative way, this always happens at the end of the season, the manager speaks to owners and CEOs to analyse the season and thinking how to improve.”

Asked whether he will be at the club next season, Pochettino added: “In football you never know. Today 100 per cent, I feel like I’m here but tomorrow all can change.”

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