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Sweden superstar, Zlatan Ibrahimovic says he wants to try his luck in Nollywood when his illustrious career comes to a close, according to the Mirror Sport.

The outspoken striker has struck four times since joining Los Angeles Galaxy, including a 40-yard strike on his debut.

Speaking on US radio when asked whether he would star as “a sidekick to The Rock or Arnold Schwarzenegger”, the former Manchester United striker replied: “I think leading man – something like Rambo, Bourne Identity​, because I think I have the skills to do those things.

“Somebody says I could be like the bad guy in the movie, because my English is like Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren).​ But i see myself better than that.”

Zlatan is already feeling the warmth of the United States since his move from England.
“I​ have to be honest. It has been super positive. Everybody is kind and making me feel welcome; he said.
“People see me on the streets and they are like ‘ thank you for coming’. It is only positive vibes.”

Asked which star he hoped to meet, he joked: “Me, I don’t want to meet nobody. They want to meet me.”

Dragged into the age long debate of who the better place is, between Messi and Ronaldo; Ibra added;
“I have to say Messi. I think he is just natural. He is not trained.”

And the best teammate he ever played with? AC Milan and Italy legend Paolo Maldini.
“He made me do more than I needed to do​ to good. He brought out of me 200 per cent.​“

And while talking on the Dan Patrick radio show, Ibra suggested ‘Sweden’ will be replaced on the map with ‘Zlatan’.

“I don’t think that you can measure how popular I am. I am Sweden. … They will even change the name Sweden to my name on the map.

When you navigate in Sweden, you don’t write Sweden, you write Zlatan.”

The self-confident Zlatan feels that his confidence is only good for team morale and will not overshadow them: “No, I make them superstars.”

About the 40 yard wonder goal he scored on his debut, Zlatan said on Jimmy Kimmel Chat show on ABC on Tuesday night.

“I had a vision before I came.I said when I come I know there is some earthquakes in Los Angeles and this one was me stepping in Los Angeles. i wanted to make a statement. Every movie has a good start.”

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