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Manchester United’s Legend – Paul Ince has revealed why those fans who has always supported his former side have now switched allegiance to City rivarls – Manchester City.

Manchester City are a whooping sixteen points ahead of Mourinho’s United, and could clinch the title with a win over the Red Devils on Saturday.

However, Ince insists that Mourinho is the right man to return United to the top despite playing second fiddle to their neighbors at the moment.

“I’ve spoken to some Man United fans and they’ve been going to Man City because they are so entertaining. I’m thinking: ‘Are you mad?’ Ince said as reported by the Mirror sport.

“It’s something Mourinho knows and I’m sure he can do it. I feel sure he’s the right man for the job. He’s a winner, a serial winner, he’s won loads of trophies.

“For Mourinho it’s about the winning, about the titles, but that’s not the case for Man United. The fans have been brought up on the style of football, what they’ve been used to seeing over the years.

“United have won trophies, but there’s frustration and fans are saying the same thing. The style of football, the entertainment, there are not enough shots on goal and we’ve not got attack after attack.

“It’s about finding the right balance. This is where United are behind City, Tottenham, Liverpool.

“They’ve all got a balance to their team, everyone knows their jobs, you see that at Liverpool now where it’s taken Klopp about two years to find the balance.

“That’s something Jose will get sorted by the end of the season to find where Alexis Sanchez plays, where Pogba plays and the best position for Marcus Rashford. If they get that balance then they’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

“Man United have to be up there competing with City and, listen they are second in the table, and that shows how great Jose is. They are almost in a transition period and they are still up there.”

Meanwhile, Paul Ince believes that for success to return to his former club, Paul Pogba and Jose Mourinho must settle their differences.

Ince says: “I hope Pogba stays because when you’re taking about rebuilding a team, you’ve got to have a Pogba in there if you want to compete with the Man Citys and Liverpools.
“If you lose Pogba then who else is out there? They’ve got to sit down together, talk it through and get it sorted.

“Jose does love a row, but you see how players have so much power these days, they can get managers sacked, and the good thing about Jose is that he’s got the power.

“You don’t mess with Jose in the same way that Sir Alex Ferguson had the power, he makes the decisions and the board will back him.

But, by the same token, Pogba has to play week-in and week-out and if I’m the owner then I’m saying: ‘Hang on, I’ve spent £89m on a player who is sitting on the bench.”

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