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Jose Mourinho has revealed the two players who had not let him down so far in the season.The Old Trafford boss came out fighting with an incredible blast in the wake of his side’s shock Champions League exit to Sevilla, suggesting only Nemanja Matic and Romelu Lukaku are performing for him.

“If you want to make a real top team, with a top mentality, you need to grow up and the best way is to have this kind of feeling,” said Mourinho.

“Players have to learn how to cope with that level of expectation and that level of pressure. They have to survive, and when they survive, they become stronger.

“I said we are not one of the top teams, not one of the favourites to win.
“I told you that with these words because I cannot tell you with different words while I am still in competition.

“I cannot be in a competition, go there and say we have no chance. I couldn’t tell you.

“You cannot expect me to say ‘this and that player, they have to do better’. I prefer to say that Matic and Lukaku are performing at a high level until the last match.

“But I cannot tell you the ones that are not performing. I cannot tell you before a Champions League match.”

“We went out to a side that’s more successful than Manchester United in last seven years in Europe,” said Mourinho.

“We went out to a side that has a huge tradition in knockout competitions, a side in the Spanish cup final. We’re out to a team that knocked out Atletico Madrid in two legs.

“We were knocked out by a team that’s brilliant in their approach for many years, with their scouting system, the way they invest with every Euro.

“Do you think they didn’t have any players who could play in my team? In Sevilla, there are many players who would play in my team.”

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