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Jurgen Klopp and his Liverpool side travel to Old Trafford on Saturday for a mouthwatering premier league clash.

On the basis of what we have seen of both teams this season, this promises to be a game of contrasting tactics.

While Mourinho has been criticised for his defensive approach, Klopp has found a brilliant attacking rhythm that has seen his side break the 100 goal barrier this season, despite selling star midfielder Phillipe Coutinho to Barcelona in January.

When asked about his rival’s style ahead of the huge showdown, the Reds boss was coy in his reply; insisting that result is all that matters.

“I would never use that saying,” he replied when asked if Mourinho will park the bus again. “Did he say it first? Was he the inventor of the phrase ‘parking the bus’?

“I have no problem with defending. I know how the situation is and what people are saying they play a specific kind of football, we play a specific kind of football and now everyone makes a big thing of it.

“This Manchester United team has a specific way of playing football. That’s all. And if we have to defend there, we have to defend there with all we have – it’s all about winning.”

“People are thinking we are flying…against Manchester Untied nobody flies,” he added.

“They are physically too strong, technically too strong. That’s the truth. It’s not a battle of systems or philosophies, just two very good football teams who face each other.

“When Man United will attack I hope all my players are involved in defending. If someone say then that is parking the bus in that moment then we park the bus. I have no problem with that.

“Over 90 minutes of course we want to bring our football on the pitch as well. That’s difficult to cope with as well, to deal with. That’s’ the plan for this game.

“But I don’t think there will be a lot of space in a lot of moments. I think it will be a big fight as derbies are in general. Hopefully at the end with a positive result.”


Manchester United v Liverpool

Saturday, 10/03/2018.

Kickoff: 13:30

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