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Thierry Henry has voiced his frustration at Arsenal failing to copy what Manchester United did last season.

Manchester United finished outside the top five last season but won the league Cup and the Europa league which ensured their qualification for the Champions League.

Henry thinks that Mourinho’s to switch attention to other winnable trophies when he found out that the league was beyond his side’s reach was exactly what Arsene Wenger would have done.

Henry’s former side – Arsenal lost 3-0 to Manchester City in the league Cup final on Sunday, and look increasingly likely to miss out of the top four again this season.

Discussing the game on Sky Sports, Henry said: “Arsene has never won this one before. I’m sure he went there with massive expectation on winning it.

“The league has not been going well, and it would have been amazing to win the Carabo Cup and hopefully backing that up with the Europa League – I know I’m getting far ahead there, but that’s what I would have called a great season.”

“[Man United] couldn’t get into the Champions League another way, so they made it a priority to win what they could win, and they did,” added Henry.

“But it looks like with Arsenal now top four is going to be difficult, although they are playing City on Thursday, they can close the gap on Chelsea back to five points if they win it.

“But it’s not exactly what you would have expected of Arsenal and the response that you would have expected from last year, but we all know that is difficult.

“Tottenham is doing what Tottenham has been doing recently, Man United, City, Liverpool, so it’s obviously difficult to make top four but you would have liked Arsenal to have done something yesterday.”


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